Sustainable Home

Two pairs of wool slippers by a bed

Eco Friendly Slippers


Now that the nights are drawing in and winter has begun, it is time to snuggle up and get cozy, ...

Three gifts wrapped in linen gift wrap

Reusable Gift Wrap


Reusable gift wrap for a beautiful Christmas without the waste. Reusable wrapping paper not only looks good, but also helps ...

gift being wraped with eco friendly presents

Eco Friendly Gifts


The silly season is almost upon us, and while is is easy to get carried away with gift buying (especially ...

Pair of hands holiday a homemade holiday wreath

How to Make a Christmas Wreath


A natural Christmas wreath made from scratch is a lovely decoration or gift during the holiday season. Christmas wreaths make ...

Ethique sampler box, with three hearth shaped shampoo and conditioner bars

Ethique Shampoo Bar Review


I have tried a few solid shampoos over the years, I really want to ditch the plastic bottles from my bathroom.  ...

A pile of purple and green sprouts

How to grow sprouts


If you are thinking about starting to grow sprouts, what are you waiting for? Sprouts are an amazing super-food, and ...

Hands holding a pile of compost worms

Worm Farming


Also known as vermiculture or worm composting, worm farming is a great way to make your home more sustainable. It is probably ...

A green heart shaped shampoo bar in a white cup.

What is a shampoo bar?


Are you wonder what a shampoo bar is? or wondering about making the switch from regular shampoo and want to ...

Pile of rightly colored cloth diapers

How to start using cloth diapers


Making the switch from disposable diapers to reusable cloth diapers seems very daunting at first. However, it can be a ...

A pile of good quality goods, a purse, a pen, glasses.

Buy Once Buy Well


Buy once, buy well: stop buying poor-quality products. Yes they are cheaper in the short term, but when they (inevitably) ...

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