Seed sprouting guide


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Paper bags full of seeds.

At this time of year, growing your own sprouts is a great way to get fresh organically grown greens onto your plate.

Paper bags full of seeds.

If you are new to sprouting, check out this guide to getting started with sprouting, and use the guide below to explore some new varieties.

Remember to always source seeds that have been produced specifically for growing edible sprouts or microgreens. Also check whether the spouts need to be cooked before consumption.

SeedsHowSoak timeSprout timeMakes
Adzuki1 cup8-10 hrs3-4 days3-4 cups
Alfalfa3 tbsp4-6 hrs5 days3 cups
Amaranth3 tbsp4-6 hrs1 day¾ cup
Barley½ cup8-10 hrs2-3 days1 cup
Blue pea1 cup8-10 hrs3-4 days3-4 cups
Broccoli1 tbsp8-10 hrs5-6 days1 cup
Buckwheat1 cup4-6 hrs1 day2-3 cups
Chickpeas1 cup10-12 hrs2-4 days3 cups
Fenugreek4 tbsp4-6 hrs3-5 days1 cup
Flax1 tbsp5-7 hrs2 days1 cup
Green peas1 cup6-10 hrs2-3 days2 cups
Lentils1 cups6-8 hrs2-3 days2 cups
Millet1 cup6-8 hrs1-2 days1½ cups
Mung beans1 cup8-10 hrs4 days3-4 cups
Most other beans1 cup8-10 hrs3-4 days3-4 cups
Mustard seeds1 tbsp4-6 hrs3-5 days1 cup
Oats1 cup8-10 hrs1-2 days2 cups
Onions1 tbsp4-6 hrs4-5 days1 cup
Pumpkin seeds1 cups6-8 hrs1-2 days1½ cups
Quinoa1 cup4-6 hrs2-3 days2½ cups
Radish1 tbsp4-6 hrs3-5 days1½ cups
Rye1 cup8-10 hrs2-3 days1½ cups
Sesame seeds1 cup4-6 hrs1-2 days1½ cups
Sunflower seeds1 cups6-8 hrs5-8 days1½ cups
Watercress1 tbsp4-6 hrs4-5 days1½ cups
Wheat1 cup10-12 hrs2-3 days1½ cups
Approximate soaking and sprouting times for different seeds.