Reusable Gift Wrap


Three gifts wrapped in linen gift wrap

Reusable gift wrap for a beautiful Christmas without the waste.

Three gifts wrapped in linen gift wrap
Reusable gift wrap

Reusable wrapping paper not only looks good, but also helps the planet by reducing the waste that ends up in the landfill at the end of the holiday season.

Reusable wrapping means no paper, no sticky tape, no cheap disposable ribbon and no waste. A piece of fabric is simply folded around the package and tied in place. It can be adapted for just about any wrapping purpose.

Using cloth for gift wrapping isn’t a new idea. The Japanese art of Furoshiki has been around for centuries. Now it is seeing a resurgence because in addition to being beautiful it is also eco friendly gift wrap!

What to use for reusable gift wrap

Any cloth can be used, but good quality linen or organic cotton is a good choice as it is beautiful and will be long-lasting. A good quality piece of reusable fabric gift wrap will be a joy for years to come!

You need a piece of cloth large enough to wrap around your items, and then with at least 6 inches of cloth remaining on either side.

I sometimes buy off-cuts from my local fabric store, but old headscarves, muslin cloth or linen napkins are all good options.

You can also buy purpose made reusable wrapping cloth, and to make wrapping even easier you can also get reusable gift wrap bags, no folding skills needed!

How to fold reusable gift wrap

The process sounds simple, but it can be a bit fiddly the first time you do it. But as they say, practice makes perfect, and so if it doesn’t look quite right the first time you wrap then you can just undo it and start again (unlike paper wrapping secured with tape).

Images of hands wrapping a gift in linen fabric
How to use fabric gift wrap
  1. Take a large piece of fabric wrap and place the gift in the center. Fold the longest sides tightly up over the gift and hold securely with one hand.
  2. Fold one open end down and pull the sides together.
  3. Holding the first end in your hand, repeat this on the other side.
  4. If the two sides are long enough you can secure by tying them together in a knot. If the two pieces are shorter then you can secure them by tying with twine or ribbon.
Three gifts wrapped in linen gift wrap
Reusable gift wrap

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