Eco Friendly Slippers


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Two pairs of wool slippers by a bed
Two pairs of wool slippers by a bed
Eco Friendly Slippers

Now that the nights are drawing in and winter has begun, it is time to snuggle up and get cozy, and what better way to keep your feet warm than with a pair of sustainable slippers.

Slipper designs range from house shoes with outdoor soles to slippers that are more like socks. 

Slipper brands with eco-friendly practices, made from organic cotton or wool, and artisan-made products are a good place to start.

Eco Friendly Wool Slippers

Natural wool is a wonderful material to keep your feet cozy and warm this winter. Sheep wool is naturally warm and moisture wicking to keep your feet cozy and dry, and merino wool is incredibly soft. 

Slippers made from recycled materials

There are many fabrics being produced these days made from recycled plastics (such as from recycled plastic bottles) rather than virgin plastic. 

Organic Cotton Slippers

Organic cotton is is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment.