Think going green means leaving the bright lights of the big city for the countryside? Think again! Here at Green Urban Living, we’re on a mission to prove sustainable living can thrive right in the urban jungle.

Made by city-lovers for city-lovers, we dish out regular tips and inspiration for keeping your environmental impact small – without cramping your urbanite lifestyle. Bike to brunch, grow green beans on your balcony, and declutter in your tiny rented apartment. We’ve got all the ideas for living green while loving the concrete and steel around you.

Hi, I’m Liz, thrift-store queen with a passion for upcycling and small-space gardening. I created Green Urban Living to share my best DIY hacks, resources, and ideas for sustainable city living. From balcony composting how-tos to my favorite secondhand stores downtown, I help urbanites see that going green can be fun, creative, and completely possible – no backyard required!

We cover all things green city living:

  • Balcony and community gardens for nurturing kale in concrete cubes
  • Eco hacks for resourceful living in tiny rented spaces
  • Green transportation for pedestrian lovers
  • Secondhand and thrifted finds for sustainable style
  • DIY green cleaning concoctions

Go ahead – dig in and discover just how wonderfully sustainable city living can be! We’re thrilled to have you along for the ride.